Stuff On Da Ay (SODA)

I came home really hungry but anyway thought: it’s weird how fast layers can start.

It’s as though a person in front of you, with whom you share no connection with whatsoever, can build a little base and from that base can start to form little moments and the moments can in turn create something larger, more abstract, ultimately creating many layers. The layers are like tiny villages and you all look at each layer with a separate gaze, all the while knowing they are part of a greater kingdom. The next thing you know, you realise that you and this person now share many layers together and you use each layer to inform yourself about the other and vice versa. You can’t undo these layers, they exist within each other. I want to be able to lock certain layers and completely remove others, but in saying this, I realise I’m now speaking in some Adobenese tongue and need to get some grub in me posthaste.


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