Oh man (not again)

As a Drizzy fan, you know it’s a good week when the Boy does an hour long interview and answers all the hard and delicious questions. Aubrey’s responses were decadent and acted as the perfect easy listening soundtrack to my Tuesday night laundry folding.

Anyway, week summary thus far: binging on snowflake forums, Nardwuar interviews (so painful, so brilliant), and being re-acquainted with referencing systems. Oh, not to mention, the daily weather whinge because it was 25 but felt like 27 today and now winter’s breath has come forth seemingly out of NOWHERE and decides to plant her butt in the midst of this supposed summer. After coming back from living in a country where I was told by locals that in summer some would completely pack their winter clothes away and vice versa, such a concept has made me filled with a weird sense of departure and envy.


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