Private special

I wish life had a force quit function (also known as ctrl+alt+delete for the PC heads). Force quit is so reliable. In all of my experiences where something I was using wasn’t being responsive, I just issued some force quit on that fickle bug and like very efficient and organised gang members the trouble disappeared almost immediately. But I’m not referring to this idea of muscle in a real life situation. I don’t condone such behaviour by any means *coughSUBTLEPSAsplutter*. It’s the instantaneous nature of being rid from what could’ve been a potential pain in the butt.

Stuck speaking to a very unhelpful person on the so-called ‘help desk’? Force quit them outta there, they ain’t being responsive to my needs right now, they broken! So say bye and hi friendly person who is doing their job correctly, please do assist me with my urgent issues posthaste.

Gacha machine just played you and shot out the least desirable gacha – you know, the one you said in your mind you didn’t want out of the six you did want? Force quit until that scene works out in your favour. Good. That’s the exact fungi keyring I wanted, not that other nasty fungi keyring. Sigh. Force quit, you keep shinin’ now.

Anyway, I despise hearing ads. I actually don’t mind seeing ads at all but hearing it? Every advertisement sounds like a violation done onto my very senses, soul, and by extension every lifetime I have ever lived through.


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