Nakano Broadway is such a cute little hive. Aside from the very swish otaku sturff, wander downstairs to the basement and there’s a very happening grocery section. So happening in fact that you could buy yourself the tallest ice cream cone, thing be looking like a goddamn spherical rainbow. Alas, I had consumed my sugar quota for that hour prior at Takashi Murakami’s own little produced coffee joint, so it was unbearably my fate not to experience this tower of turnt.

With my chestnut colours on, exploring the little wings of the broadway, and making middle-aged women subtly grunt in exasperation all the while, well, that’s a pleasant day in my books.

NB: Prepare to enter the backlog of… My Post Japan Life and Having to Re-live Them Through This Menial Outlet Because, by God, Let Me Live.



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